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Perfect for paved roads & smooth dirt roads.

Sizes:  5x8, 5x9, 5x10

Dry Weight: 780 lbs

Heading 4

Designed for dirt & gravel roads, potholes & ruts. Large Side Swing Rear Door, Black Jeep Style Flat Fenders.

Sizes: 5x8, 5x9, 5x10

Dry Weight: 1000 lbs


Built for moderate off-roading along with dirt roads, gravel, roads, potholes & ruts. +More! 

Sizes: 5x8, 5x9, 5x10

Dry Weight: 1100 lbs

Explore a little deeper into the trails with this off road teardrop. The trail limits just became a little less limited.

Sizes: 4x8, 5x8, 5x9

Dry Weight: 1250 lbs

Overland Trailer,

LD Motorsports, OR Teardrop

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