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Lead Dog Motorsports (LDM) with a background of 40+ years of Desert Recreation & Off Road Racing along with a list of been there done that experience, combined together with an idea to share, help, consult and design an Adventure Trailer Specialty Store for all adventurers. We have demo trailers available to see and touch from Entry Level Trailers to Extreme Off Road Trailers. A one stop shop that is ready to help you plan & prepare for your own adventures. We are not a sales lot. Nor are we a Dealer. We are Adventure consultants who will help you decide on an option that fits your style and budget with a No Salesman attitude. You are still buying Direct from the Manufacturer! ​

Off Grid Trailers: Is an All Metal Based Aluminum Box, Steel Chassis Adventure Trailer that is well insulated and will never rot or deteriorate in cold or hot climates. Because of LDM’s experience in the industry working so well with so many aftermarket suppliers and just general knowledge of The Right Stuff, LDM was contacted to help in consulting and promotion of this superior build as well as the ability to offer a product showcase of what is considered to be the Premier Adventure Trailer in the market!  

Hiker Trailers: 

Hiker designs and manufacturers customizable teardrop camping trailers on an affordable budget. Our trailers have over 200 options to choose from to perfectly craft and build your ultimate camper to fit whatever type of adventure you seek.

We have four different models to choose from, each capable of different off-road capabilities. From basic campsites and trails, to the extreme untamed wilderness, our versatile line up of trailers allows customer to create the perfect camper to conquer the terrain they traverse.

Our leading principle in designing Hiker Trailers is affordability. Let our skilled team help design a build for you based on your budget, or begin with a base model and upgrade overtime at one of our two convenient facilities. We even have compiled the most popular custom options into our Plus, Pro, and Elite Series Packages that bundle savings with the most popular options if building from scratch just isn’t your preference. We only require a $500 deposit to begin your build, and offer financing options through Rock Solid Funding.


We are very excited for this joint venture of what is considered to be the best of both worlds in the market with affordability, quality and durability available in one location! Call today for help with build options and pricing!


Stay tuned because we are always looking for more options to #GetYouOutside!


​Lead Dog Motorsports, LLC

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Ph: (928) 208-2006

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Off Grid Trailer, Camping Trailer, Jeep Trailer, Towable Trailer
Off Grid Trailer, Camping Trailer, Jeep Trailer, Towable Trailer
Off Grid Trailer, Camping Trailer, Jeep Trailer, Towable Trailer
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