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Hiker Trailer provides camping enthusiasts a way to take off for an impromptu adventure in a high-quality, economically-driven camping trailer that allows enjoying the great outdoors all day and a comfortable and dry place to sleep at night.

Hiker Trailer offers many features and options and want to work with you in selecting the features that you need and want. Whether you’re a minimalist camper or one who wants to indulge in more comfortable options, we have the right trailer for you.

With Hikers lightweight size and easy maneuverability, they can be towed with most passenger cars, mini-vans, and small SUV’s. From paved road, groomed camp-sites to bumpy off-road camping, we’ve got you covered.

Hiker Trailer has two manufacturing locations in Colorado and Indiana and a dealer in Arizona. Together we have more than 14 years of experience building micro-camper trailers and understand what is needed and desirable in a micro-camper. Like our Hiker Trailer Owners, we camp in our Hikers and continue to use real life trips to decide on what features should be incorporated into the trailers.

If you would like to see our trailers up close and personal, contact us to set up an appointment.


Off Grid Trailers redefine camping with innovative designs to connect you with nature; inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. We don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.


Improved 2021 models are entirely CAD designed and modeled. They are also 100% wood free!  



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